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 The brightest fact in the comments of sura “Fatiha” of Koran

The manuscript is prepared on April 25. 1937. In a 1938 for the first time in publishing house «Umm-al Quro» at the expense of personal pension Shakh of Saudi Arabia – Abdulaziz ibn Abdurahmon scarlet – lay sal Oly Saud the given book was issued. In Arabian language. Volume – 414.


The book, which in your hands, under a title « I he brightest fact in the comments sura ** Fatiha of Karan., is known in the world islam. It the author is the known scientist and connoisseur islam – Muhammadsulton Masumi Khujandi. which has devoted the given book to the broad and deep analysis by one from main suri Karan – «Fatiha».

I he given book level with other transaction’s of the author is large and amazing rushing in study karanics of a science.

I he author, referring on spacious and extensive subject’s management of Islam, explains the different comments opening suri Karan – «Al-Fatiha».

Sura «Fatiha», which is known also by «Al-hamd» name, consists from 7 oyats. The author of the book very brightly makes comments on this sura and being based on the legal, historical and theological parties by this sura widely makes comments «latiha», and however speaks and about time and event send downing by this wonderful sura.

All judgments of the author of the book arc authorized oyats from other sura Karan and hadices of the prophet Muhammad and expressions other theologies, referring on scientific sources.

A feature of this book that the reader can find in this transactions of the writer sincere, but. and in one time, present judgment of the person, which considers himself true Muslim.

The reader will not have problem, when the author satisfied with the expressions сподвижников of the prophet investigates paths analysis – comments of the sacred book.

Author, as the person far from a native land both close and friends, level with thousands of the scientists of that time, at will of destiny immigrated from Tajikistan, in sacred ground raising a name of the people and nation in the world islam.

It is necessary to mark, that Muhammadsulton Masumi Khujandy live in Makka and Madina in advanced sciences of this country as the adviser and special representative of Shakh of Saudi Arabia was worthy to take part in first international Islamic of conference.